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Chinachem celebrates the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong Home Return

Joining in a celebration of both nostalgia for the past and enthusiastic hope for the future, representatives from different local organizations showed their support at the Chinachem My Sweet Home Carnival.


(Hong Kong – 1 July 2017) To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Chinachem Group organizes the My Sweet Home carnival today. Over more than half of a century, the Group’s development has been based in Hong Kong. The Group has grown with Hong Kong and its community, and it has a long term development in both economic and social aspects through capturing the great opportunities from the development in China. Today’s carnival was themed as Hong Kong unique culture, attracting a lot of Hong Kong people to participate and celebrate this significant milestone. It reflects the Group’s development, which based in Hong Kong as a hom